Family Law for Abilene, TX

The Burke Law Firm is experienced in family law. We can help with a variety of legal issues including divorce, child custody, and modification. Going through a divorce can be a difficult process, but we are here to help you through it. One of the most pressing concerns is child custody. It is important to make sure your child's safety is a top priority. Please contact us if you are looking for a divorce attorney in Abilene, TX.


Divorce can be a painful and very stressful process. But it can also be a time for reflection, a time to look ahead and a time to make crucial decisions about the rest or your life. At the Burke Law Office, we provide skilled legal services to people involved in uncontested divorce and contested divorce. In an uncontested divorce, the parties agree on all decisions. This includes child custody, child support, division of materials, the division of property and spousal support. In a contested divorce, the parties disagree on at least one decision. A contested divorce is often necessary, but the process can often take longer.

Please contact us if you need a Divorce Attorney

We have substantial experience helping clients through the painful experience of divorce, and hard to make certain that they receive their share of marital assets when divorce is the chosen path. To the greatest extent possible, we work to protect the health, safety and welfare of any children. On divorce and family law matters, we handle all areas relating to family law, divorce and marital dissolution, including child support, child custody, maintenance (alimony), and property division settlement. Please contact the Burke Law Firm if you need a divorce attorney in Abilene, TX.


Child Custody

As a parent involved in a divorce or considering divorce, it is very likely you have pressing concerns regarding the care of your children. At this time, it is wise to choose an attorney who will attend to your legal needs with great care and understanding, as well as with a sense of vigor. At The Burke Law Firm, we provide compassionate legal help to parents who are going through divorce. I balance the emotional nature of child custody and child visitation decisions with the aggressiveness that may be necessary to secure the best possible outcome.



For anyone who has gone through a divorce - whether it was months ago or years ago - you know that life goes on. A decision made while your children were younger, or a decision made while you were working in your past employment position, may no longer work. Under Texas divorce law, you can seek modifications to original court orders. Also under Texas divorce law, you can resist a modification.